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Use Of Cylinders
Jun 19, 2017

Cylinders are special pressure-resistant cylinders that store compressed gas. When used, the gas is released through the pressure reducing valve (barometer). As the cylinder pressure is very large (some up to 15MPa), and some gas flammable or toxic, so the use of cylinders should pay attention to safety.

First, the compressed cylinder should be used upright, be sure to use frame or fence enclosure fixed.

Second, the compressed cylinder should be away from heat, fire, home ventilation and shade, Steel Cylinders to prevent sun exposure, is strictly prohibited heat; flammable cylinders must be stored separately with the oxygen cylinders; not stacked around any flammable items, flammable gas is strictly prohibited contact with the fire.

Third, the ban on random moving beat the cylinder, the allowable to move should be light to move.

Fourth, the use of attention to check the cylinder and the connection airway air tightness, to ensure that the gas does not leak. When using the gas in the cylinder, use a pressure relief valve (barometer). All kinds of gas pressure gauge shall not be mixed to prevent explosion.

Fifth, the use of the provisions of the closure of the valve, Steel Cylinders the main valve should be tightened not leaked. Develop the habit of checking the cylinder when leaving the lab.

6, the cylinder can not be used up all the gas, be sure to retain the residual pressure above 0.05MPa (pressure gauge valve pressure). Flammable gases such as acetylene should remain 0.2-0.3MPa.

Seven, in order to avoid the confusion of various gases with the wrong gas, usually outside the cylinder coated with a specific color to distinguish between, and in the bottle that the name of the gas inside the bottle.

8. Never allow oil or other flammable organic matter to be on the cylinder (especially the valve and the relief valve). And do not use cotton, Steel Cylinders linen and other things blocked to prevent burning accidents.

Nine, a variety of cylinders must be carried out in accordance with national regulations on a regular basis, the use of the process must pay attention to observe the state of the cylinder, such as serious corrosion or other serious damage should be stopped and early inspection.

The use of cylinders and precautions


Check whether the connection site before the leak, can be coated with soap to check, Steel Cylinders adjust to really do not leak before the experiment.

When using the counterclockwise to open the cylinder switch, observe the high pressure meter reading, record the total pressure of the high pressure bottle carbon dioxide pressure, and then clockwise rotation of the low pressure gauge pressure adjustment screw, so that the main spring compression will open the valve. This imports of high-pressure gas from the high-pressure chamber by throttling after decompression into the low-pressure room, and exports to the working system. After use, turn off the cylinder switch to turn off the clockwise switch, Steel Cylinders and then anti-clockwise loose valve.


1. To prevent the use of the cylinder temperature is too high. Cylinders should be stored in a cool, dry, away from heat (such as sunlight, heating, fire), shall not exceed 31 ℃, so as to avoid the rise in liquid CO2 temperature, volume expansion and the formation of high-pressure gas,

2. Cylinders must not be placed. If the cylinder is laid, open the valve, the out of the CO2 liquid quickly gasification, prone to air pipe burst and a large number of CO2 leakage accident.

3. Pressure relief valves, fittings, and pressure regulator devices are properly connected and free of leaks, no damage, in good condition.

4. CO2 should not be overfilled. Liquefied CO2 filling, temperate climate should not exceed 75% of the cylinder volume, tropical climate should not exceed 66.7%.

5. Old bottles are regularly subject to safety checks. Steel Cylinders More than the use of safety norms cylinder years, to accept the pressure test qualified before they can continue to use.

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