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Standard For The Use Of Cylinders
Jul 03, 2017

Liquefied petroleum gas is widely used for its hygienic and convenient features, but because of liquefied petroleum gas is flammable, explosive, toxic nature, coupled with the bottle itself is subject to higher pressure, improper use, prone to safety inspection accident The In order to ensure your safety inspection, the use of cylinders must strictly comply with its safety requirements.

Use of cylinders Safety specifications:

① should use a manufacturing license enterprises qualified products, Steel Cylinders do not use overdue inspection of the cylinder.

② civilian cylinders, since the date of manufacture, the first three inspection cycle for 4 years, the fourth for three years. The use of more than 15 years of the cylinder, not tested, according to the disposal of waste, according to the law to be destroyed.

③ users must have to fill the registration of the unit or the distribution of units registered gas purchase. Containing liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, transport distance shall not exceed 50 km.

④ The cylinder should be used before the safety check, must use the instructions to use the cylinder, Steel Cylinders do not meet the safety requirements of the cylinder is prohibited.

⑤ place of the cylinder, not close to heat and open flame, should ensure that the cylinder bottle dry.

⑥ When the cylinder is lifted, measures should be taken to prevent dumping.

⑦ summer should prevent exposure. Do not beat, hit the cylinder. Steel Cylinders It is forbidden to arc welding on a cylinder.

⑧ It is forbidden to heat the cylinder with a heat source with a temperature higher than 40 ° C.

⑨ liquefied petroleum gas users and distributors, is strictly prohibited the cylinder of the gas to the next cylinder flip, or directly from the tank to the cylinder filling, is strictly prohibited from the processing of residual liquid cylinders.

⑩ After the cylinder is put into use, the cylinder shall not be excavated and welded. It is strictly forbidden to change the lead and color markings of cylinders.

As the cylinder is used to store liquefied petroleum gas special containers, the internal pressure of liquefied gas is very large, slightly improper operation may cause an explosion, Steel Cylinders so in normal use must follow its safety norms, not only to extend The life of the cylinder is also safe for our use.

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