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Safety Specification For Use Of Cylinders
Nov 06, 2017

A cylinder is a cylinder specially designed to hold liquefied gas, the container is a combination of bottle body, bottle cap, bottle valve and porous filler, it is a steel welded cylinder, bottle shoulder has bottle valve and bottle cap, the bottle body surface is white, with red eye-catching paint marked with the words that cannot be inverted. Then why not turn it upside down?

Why cylinders cannot be inverted:

Since the cylinder valve is a valve for opening and closing liquefied gas, the valve body is made of copper, it must be opened and closed with square hole sleeve wrench, counterclockwise rotation is turned on, clockwise direction is turned off. and liquefied cylinders filled with fillers and solvents (acetone), inverted use, Steel Cylinders acetone easily with liquefied gas outflow, not only to increase the consumption of acetone, but also to reduce the combustion temperature and affect the use, but also produce a temper and lead to acetylene bottle explosion accident.

Generally under normal circumstances, through the pressure reducing valve for the combustion of gaseous liquefied gas, if it is inverted, through the pressure relief valve is liquid, liquid out, Steel Cylinders the volume of its rapid expansion nearly 250 times times, so much more than the cooker load, resulting in two kinds of situation, one is likely to flee a very high flame, ignition near the combustible material. Another possibility is that the gas is too late to burn completely and explodes with air to form an explosive mixture.

Because the cylinder is equipped with shock-proof aprons, the purpose is to prevent collisions in the handling, transportation and use of each other. Steel Cylinders Rubber ring is insulating material, inverted is equal to liquefied cylinder on the electrical insulator, resulting in the cylinder on the static electricity can not spread to the Earth, gathered in the bottle body, easy to produce static electric spark, when there is gas leakage, very easy to cause combustion and explosion accidents.

Liquefied petroleum gas is widely used for its cleanliness and convenience, but because liquefied petroleum gas has flammable, Steel Cylinders explosive and poisonous properties, and the bottle body itself is under high pressure, improper use and easy to happen safety check accident. In order to ensure your security check, the use of cylinders must strictly comply with its safety requirements.

Safety specification for use of cylinders:

① shall use qualified products with manufacturing license enterprises and not use overdue cylinders.

② civil cylinders, from the date of manufacture, the first three inspection cycle of 4 years, the fourth time three years. The cylinder, which has been used for more than 15 years, shall not be inspected and disposed according to scrap.

③ users must go to the unit or distributor registered units to purchase gas. Cylinders containing liquefied petroleum gas shall not be transported for more than 50 kilometres.

④ cylinder should be used before the safety of the inspection, must be in accordance with the requirements of the use of the cylinder, do not meet the safety technical requirements of the use of cylinders prohibited.

The location of the 

⑤ cylinder shall not be near the heat source and the open flame, and the cylinder body shall be dry.


⑥ cylinders are put in place, measures should be taken to prevent dumping.

⑦ summer should prevent exposure. It is strictly prohibited to knock and collide cylinders. Steel Cylinders Welding arc is strictly prohibited on cylinders.

⑧ is strictly forbidden to heat the cylinders with a heat source higher than 40 ℃.

⑨ liquefied petroleum gas users and distributors, strictly prohibit the gas cylinder in the second inverted cylinder, or directly from the tanker to fill the cylinder, Steel Cylinders is strictly prohibited from the treatment of the residual liquid in the cylinder.

After the 

⑩ cylinder is put into use, Steel Cylinders the cylinder shall not be wabu and repaired. It is strictly forbidden to change the letterpress and color labeling of cylinders without authorization.

As the cylinder is used to store liquefied petroleum gas special container, its internal pressure is very large, slightly improper operation may cause explosion, so in peacetime use must follow its safety norms, not only to extend the service life of the cylinder, but also for our use safety.

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