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Precautions For Use Of Cylinders
Aug 17, 2017

1, the cylinder should be far away from open flame and high temperature, forbid liquefied gas and other fire source same room use.

2, cylinders can not be stored in the bedroom, people can not be placed in the room with a cylinder to sleep.

3. Type of cylinder, type and service life. YSP-35.5L type: Can be installed not more than 15KG; P-118, Ysp118-ii type: Can not be installed more than 50KG. 2006 years after the manufacture of the cylinder used for 8 years, 2006 years ago the factory used to manufacture the cylinder for 15, due to mandatory scrap. Steel Cylinders The cylinder must be inspected by the technical Supervision Department, the first three inspection period is 4 years, the fourth time is 3 years, the pot body pastes the annual inspection mark, the untested cannot fill the use.

4, the indoor gas pipeline through the load-bearing walls, floors or floors must be reinforced with steel casing, casing pipe should not have joints, Steel Cylinders casing and load-bearing walls, floors or floors between the clearance should be filled, the casing and gas pipeline between the clearance should be flexible anti-corrosion, waterproof material seal.

5, gas and gas equipment installation site, should be set up ventilation, gas leakage alarm and other safety facilities.

6, connecting the cylinder and cooker hose must be used at both ends of the hose hoop tight, Steel Cylinders gas stove into a horizontal shape, cylinder and cooker outside the distance must not be less than 0.5 meters, the length of the hose should not exceed 2 meters.

Although the cylinders are easy to use, they also have unsafe risks. In case of pipeline leakage or valve is not tight, gas to the indoor diffusion, when the content reached the explosion limit, Steel Cylinders encounter Mars or sparks will explode. So what problems should we pay attention to in its daily use?

① should be used in a separate brick-and-tile kitchen to properly place liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) equipment. and must be placed upright, not allowed to lie down or put down. Steel Cylinders Must be diligent inspection, fine observation, find the problem timely treatment. To protect safety please close the cylinder angle valve before you go to bed.

③ must be away from the heat source, placed in easy to move, around no flammable, more ventilated place, the stove, bottle distance above 80 centimeters, not in any form to the cylinder heating.

④ installed before the valve to check the sealed rubber band, Steel Cylinders do not have variant, defect, installed pressure valve handwheel to the valve mouth, counterclockwise rotation to tighten. For the rubber hose, cooker switch, pressure reducing valve and the hand wheel to the bottle valves connecting parts is easier to leak, check the leak, please use soapy water brushing inspection parts, Steel Cylinders do not use the fire to check the leak.

⑥ No unauthorized demolition, conversion of liquefied petroleum gas special equipment, there are problems please supply units to deal with. The leakage of liquefied petroleum gas should be timely closed the bottle valve, Steel Cylinders open doors and windows, ventilation evacuation. In the leaking site, all types of open flames (including cigarette butts) are prohibited from opening, closing all types of electrical equipment.

In order to remind people of the timely detection of cylinder leakage, prevent accidental occurrence, processing plants in the factory before the gas often mixed with a small amount of odor of mercaptan or sulfur ether compounds. Steel Cylinders Once the liquefied gas leaks, smell the odor immediately. and take emergency measures.

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