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Precautions For The Overhaul Of CNG Cylinders
Jul 14, 2017

Before using CNG cylinders, all inspection and preparation must be done. According to the nature of the gas, formulate the corresponding management system and safety operating procedures, and the use of personnel to carry out special security technical training, the operator after the assessment qualified before the operation.

The use of CNG cylinders should prevent its heating temperature rise, the explosion risk. Do not put CNG cylinders in the hot sun exposure, do not close the CNG cylinder near the stove or other high-temperature heat source. Oxygen CNG cylinder, flammable CNG cylinder, CNG Steel Cylinders and open flame distance should not be less than 10m, can not be achieved, should be reliable insulation protection measures, and not less than 5m.

High-pressure CNG cylinder pressure reducer to be dedicated. Oxygen and combustible gas pressure reducer can not be used for mutual use, cylinder valve or pressure relief valve may not continue to use when leaking. Screw buckle should be tightened (should be screwed into 7-coil thread) during installation. When the high-pressure CNG cylinder is opened, the author should stand on the side of the outlet of the CNG cylinder, CNG Steel Cylinders slow motion to reduce the friction of the airflow to prevent static electricity. The cylinder valves and other accessories of the oxygen CNG cylinders are prohibited from being contaminated with grease. Do not manipulate oxygen CNG cylinders on hand or glove and tools.

CNG cylinders should not be used to the end of all exhaust, generally should maintain 012~1mpa residual pressure, in case the gas unit to test sampling needs, and prevent the mixing of other gases or impurities, causing accidents.

For maintenance personnel, in the case of the CNG cylinder overhaul, CNG Steel Cylinders must from the outside to check the inspection separately, the external test or need to use the cylinder to carry out the water pressure detection, and then according to the measurement of residual deformation rate and volume measurement.

Precautions for the overhaul of CNG cylinders:

① medial detection, the whole process and the outer side of the test is basically the same, need under pressure to put water into the cylinder, after the unloading pressure, the amount of water discharged from the bottle to carry out numerical calculation, because the test device is not only simple, CNG Steel Cylinders operation is also very convenient, and as long as the gas bottle leakage, you can immediately be found and resolved.

② First Test: If the equipment is the first use, the operator must be serious about its safety knowledge to learn and understand, and in the process of use, must have a person to monitor. For the already obsolete gas bottle inspection equipment, or has exceeded the inspection cycle, belongs to the unqualified gas bottle inspection equipment, is absolutely not to be used, must choose the qualified gas bottle, guarantees the safe use.

③ Regular inspection: to periodically leak the gas bottle to check, to find out if the gas bottle check equipment leakage point. In the use of gas cylinder inspection equipment in the occasion, CNG Steel Cylinders no fire can occur, to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

As for the external detection of CNG cylinders, should use cylinders to carry out the test of water pressure, then can be based on the measurement of the human machine and residual deformation of the test, can be directly removed from the cylinder, to observe whether the phenomenon of deformation.

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