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Matters Needing Attention In Selecting Cylinders
Sep 08, 2017

Cylinder is a product that relates to consumer's personal and property safety, which brings convenience to people's daily life while also leaving the potential danger at home. Therefore, its quality and safe use is very important, we in the selection of cylinders must be "fine select", to do a look, second, three, four. So what should you pay attention to when choosing a cylinder? Below is a brief introduction to the selection of things to note.

I. See if there is a manufacturing license for the manufacture of cylinders in the country. Consumers in the purchase of cylinders, to see whether the cylinder or the shield is marked with the manufacturing license number, filling gas name, product standard number, actual weight, actual volume, Steel Cylinders supervision and inspection marks or inspection seal mark, see if there is no product certification and quality certificate. According to the regulations, each factory should have a certificate of product certification, each batch of manufactured cylinders should be batch inspection quality certificate.

Second, check the appearance of the bottle to see if the cylinder coating is uniform, there should be no bubbles, flow marks, cracks and spalling and other defects. Whether there are cracks, arc damage, heavy skin, Steel Cylinders whether there are cracks, pores, slag, biting edge or irregular mutation, etc., the cylinder valve seat, bottle valve thread is damaged. According to the national standard of liquefied petroleum gas cylinders, the cylinder surface shall be smooth, with no cracks, heavy skin, slag and depths exceeding 0.5 mm of pits and more than 0.3 mm of scratches, corrosion and other defects.

Third, measuring cylinder valve tightness of the bottle body immersed in water, tighten the valve, to observe whether the valve and stem leakage. Through the valve mouth, slowly open the valve, Steel Cylinders observe the valve stem there is no leakage, if the leak, the cylinder gas tightness is not qualified, not suitable for selection.

The filling quantity of the said filling quantity is an important content to ensure the safe use of consumers. The empty bottle of SYP-15 type cylinder weighs 17 kg, error ± 0.5 kg, filling capacity is 15 kg, error ± 0.5 kg. Filling capacity can not be too much, nor too little. If the actual filling quantity is lower than the lower limit of filling load, the consumers ' rights and interests are damaged, and the actual filling quantity is higher than the charging limit, which poses a threat to the consumer's safety. Therefore, Steel Cylinders consumers can not covet the overweight bottle.

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