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High Safety Characteristics Of Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders
Sep 28, 2017

Carbon fiber composite cylinders using aluminum alloy inner liner carbon fiber composite gas cylinders, with high strength, light weight, with the characteristics of the first leak blasting, blasting without flying debris, high security, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders in harsh environment and high-temperature use, long life, low maintenance. It is used in the fields of firefighters ' respiratory system, emergency escape, self-help respirator, automobile industry, military industry, aerospace and so on.

Characteristics of carbon fiber composite gas cylinders

Seamless aluminum liner with high-strength continuous long carbon fiber full winding, resin-cured carbon fiber composite gas cylinders. High strength, light weight, good safety, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders it has blasting before crushing.

Features, do not splash debris hurt people, in harsh environments and high-temperature use, long life, low maintenance.

The real space age technology, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders extremely high new material combination

The use of ultra-high strength carbon fiber and thin-walled aluminum liner, weight is only 40% of traditional steel bottles

The outermost layer of glass fiber, degrading degeneration, impact resistance, wear-resistant

Carbon fiber has extraordinary service life and top-level use protection

Thin-walled aluminum inner liner to prevent air leakage effect winding core film and bottle valve interface

45MPa water pressure detection, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders fatigue frequency 3,750 times,

Main technical parameters of carbon fiber composite gas cylinders

Water Volume: 3.0L

Working pressure: 20MPa

Water pressure test: 30MPa

Minimum burst pressure: 90MPa

Overall Dimension: 135mmx325mm

Weight: 2.1Kg

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