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Good Safety Of Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders
Oct 16, 2017

Carbon fiber composite cylinders using aluminum alloy inner liner carbon fiber composite gas cylinders, with high strength, light weight, with the characteristics of the first leak blasting, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders blasting without flying debris, high security, in harsh environment and high-temperature use, long life, low maintenance.

Carbon fiber composite gas cylinder integral aluminum alloy liner, anti-corrosive, shock-resistant and working pressure of 30MPa hydraulic pressure test for 45MPa blasting pressure is greater than 102mpa· cylinder with pressure gauge or pressure gauge two optional cylinders pressure display table convenient to check cylinder pressure, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders and can proofread chest pressure gauge, side design bottle valve , consistent with the use of the habit.

The carbon fiber composite cylinder comprises a cladding layer outside the inner liner and the inner liner, wherein the inner gall bladder comprises a cylinder body and a head of the ends, wherein the sealing head corresponds to a tamper-proof ring within the cladding layer. The utility model has the anti-collision ring of the gas bottle, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders it can effectively absorb the impact, so that the carbon fiber layer of carrying load has been effectively protected, thus increasing the impact strength of the product; Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders In addition, the thickness of the composite cylinder body and the two-head is not continuous, which makes the thickness smooth transition and avoids the void formation. The anti-collision ring or the outer glass fiber layer is damaged, can be directly polished off, add again.

Carbon fiber composite cylinders have the advantages of high working pressure, increased gas storage, light weight, corrosion resistance, good safety and long service life, and are widely used in fire fighting, chemical industry, mining, medical, natural gas automobile industry and other high-tech fields.

Carbon fiber composite cylinders are important accessory equipment used in positive pressure air breathing apparatus to provide breathing air. The positive pressure type air respirator refers to the use of personnel to store compressed air storage cylinders, breathing when using gas cylinders, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders do not rely on external environmental gases, any-breathing cycle process, the pressure in the mask is greater than the environmental pressure safety protective equipment. The quality and safety of composite cylinders directly affect the life safety of the users, compared with the steel cylinder, it has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, good safety and long service life, it is used for self pressurized air respirator, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders which can greatly reduce the weight of the equipment, save the strength of the users and improve the labor efficiency. At present, the research work of the design, manufacture and periodical inspection and evaluation of the composite gas cylinders is still in the initial stage, and it was not until 2009 that AQSIQ issued the standard of the periodic inspection and evaluation of the compound gas cylinders of the GB 241612009 respirator. In this paper, the author through the test of composite cylinders and combined with the standard to talk about the periodic inspection of composite cylinders.

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