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Design Of Carbon Fiber Composite Gas Bottle According To Ergonomics
Jul 14, 2017

Carbon fiber composite cylinders using aluminum alloy inner liner carbon fiber composite gas cylinders, with high strength, light weight, with the characteristics of the first leak blasting, blasting without flying debris, high security, in harsh environment and high-temperature use, long life, low maintenance. Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders It is used in the fields of firefighters ' respiratory system, emergency escape, self-help respirator, automobile industry, military industry, aerospace and so on.

Carbon fiber composite cylinders are suitable for firefighters or rescue workers in the toxic or harmful gas environment, dust and other harmful substances and hypoxia and other environments, for users to provide effective respiratory protection. Widely used in fire, electricity, chemical, shipbuilding, smelting, warehouses, laboratories, mines and other departments.

Main characteristics of carbon fiber composite gas cylinders

• Adopt a new large-scale visual field cover, fog-proof, glare, wide field of vision, good air tightness, wear comfortable.

• Small volume of valve, large gas supply, reliable performance, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders no impact on the use of visual field.

• The back plate is made of carbon fiber composite, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders light weight and high strength. According to ergonomic design, wear more comfortable, more convenient.

• Adopt a new type of pressure reducer, compact size, built-in safety valve, reliable performance, no adjustment device, maintenance-free. Equipped with a standby interface, can be installed according to the need to add his rescue joint or external supply source.

• Pressure gauges with waterproof, shockproof, luminous display function. Residual pressure alarm small size, light weight, accurate and loud alarm.

• The bottle valve is equipped with a ratchet check device to prevent the use of inadvertently closed, optional pressure display of the bottle valve, when the valve is closed can also display the cylinder pressure.

The large natural gas compression (CNG) cylinders made by filament winding molding technology have great advantages, including lightweight, high strength, good fatigue resistance and certain corrosion resistance. These advantages can meet the development of offshore gas and long-distance land transportation. Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders This paper introduces the research and practical application of large-scale fiber composite gas cylinders in developed countries and China at present, and puts forward the key technology and forming equipment for the development of large-scale CNG cylinders based on the actual production needs of our country.

With the gradual increase of energy consumption, especially oil and gas energy consumption. In addition to the development of oil and gas within their territory by land, countries have applied the development plan to the marine part of the country. According to the survey, the oil and gas reserves in the world are in absolute position, so the exploitation of offshore oil and gas will become the leading factor in the future development of oil and gas resources. And natural gas prices are more affordable at the same time will not produce more pollution after the combustion of many of them, including carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide, hydrocarbon emissions compared to the burning of gasoline and diesel emissions will be significantly reduced. At present, the development of China's economy is still in the primary stage of market economy, while the State attaches great importance to energy conservation and full utilization while it plans to implement sustainable development strategies, so developing offshore gas is in line with the economic development and the need of national plan to implement sustainable development strategy. Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders The exploitation of natural gas is carried out at the same time as the exploitation of oil, because of the technology, many natural gas can not be collected can only be burned in vain or back to the underground, so the solution to the collection and storage of natural gas has become an urgent problem to be solved in oil and gas development work. Compressed natural gas is to compress the natural gas into a high-pressure gas stored in a cylinder for storage. Carbon fiber composite gas cylinders are composed of alloy steel, but also plastic lining outer filament winding fiber reinforced resin molding composite. The latter is low in cost and lightweight in texture, high in strength, corrosion resistance and safety. As a result of the above-mentioned characteristics, the composite carbon fiber composite cylinders formed by plastic inner-filament-wound fiber reinforced resin have gradually replaced the gas cylinders of the alloy steel materials as the current international transport carrier.

Foreign developed countries in the large composite carbon fiber composite gas cylinders in the development and development of the forefront of the world, especially industrial development relatively fast economic level of the country. Our country is still in the exploratory stage for the manufacture of large composite carbon fiber composite gas cylinders, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders and the mastery of the technology has not been able to manufacture the large composite carbon fiber composite cylinders independently. Countries with a high level of economic sophistication have the capacity to produce large-scale natural gas compression cylinders with a history of natural gas. For example, the United States, Norway, Canada, these countries in the manufacture of large-scale natural gas compression bottles of materials commonly used filament winding molding technology, the use of mainly resin system. The material is generally large tow fiber. With the development of the economy and the use of users requirements large composite carbon fiber composite cylinders in volume, quality and material selection constantly new, volume from the beginning of a cubic meters to the present dozens of cubic meters, quality is also continuously improve the texture more lightweight, more corrosion resistance and strength. For example, the use of thermoplastic in the liner of cylinders, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders the shell part of the cylinder is made of fiber epoxy resin prepreg dry winding Molding method. The head of the cylinder ends with a stainless steel material or aluminum alloy, and the head and the cylinder are glued together to improve the integrity and sealing of the cylinder. The international research and development of compressed natural gas bottles is very fast, there are design shows in the next decade will develop gas cylinders combined with the hull of a professional carrier, for the transportation of natural gases to create more convenience.

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