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Cylinders Should Be Inspected Regularly
Jul 14, 2017

The cleaning method of the cylinder, take a quick look below.

1, the use of aqueous solution (sodium silicate solution) or alkali solution washing, cylinder cleaning should be immediately dry.

2, the use of solvents to remove the internal wall of the cylinder pollutants, almost all carbon-based pollutants, can be liquid water soluble or organic solvents washed out.

3, the use of a good alkali solution of the vapor spray gun, inserted in the bottom of the cylinder, injection into the alkali solution 15~30min, Steel Cylinders the solution from the cylinder overflow will be removed from the pollutants. Cylinders contaminated with oil or hydrocarbons, more than 90% per cent of pollutants, can be treated cleanly with organic solvents, but cannot be washed with carbon tetrachloride because it is a highly toxic solvent. After cleaning, you must dry and plug the bottle.

For the maintenance personnel, in the cylinder to overhaul, must from the outside to check the inspection separately, the external test or need to use the cylinder to carry out the water pressure detection, Steel Cylinders then according to the measurement of residual deformation rate and volume measurement.

Maintenance precautions for Cylinders:

① medial detection, the whole process and the outer side of the test is basically the same, need under pressure to put water into the cylinder, after the unloading pressure, the amount of water discharged from the bottle to carry out numerical calculation, because the test device is not only simple, Steel Cylinders operation is also very convenient, and as long as the gas bottle leakage, you can immediately be found and resolved.

② First Test: If the equipment is the first use, the operator must be serious about its safety knowledge to learn and understand, and in the process of use, must have a person to monitor. For the already obsolete gas bottle inspection equipment, or has exceeded the inspection cycle, Steel Cylinders belongs to the unqualified gas bottle inspection equipment, is absolutely not to be used, must choose the qualified gas bottle, guarantees the safe use.

③ Regular inspection: to periodically leak the gas bottle to check, to find out if the gas bottle check equipment leakage point. In the use of gas cylinder inspection equipment in the occasion, no fire can occur, to avoid the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

As for the external detection of cylinders, should use cylinders to carry out the test of water pressure, then can be based on the measurement of the human machine and residual deformation detection, Steel Cylinders can be directly removed from the cylinder, to observe whether the phenomenon of deformation.

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