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Cylinders Are High Pressure Vessels
Oct 16, 2017

Cylinders: Steel bottles for storing high-pressure oxygen, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, etc.

Cylinders generally contain permanent gas, liquefied gas or mixed gases. The production and use of cylinders has a certain risk factor, cylinder filling units, cylinder inspection units, cylinder use units (including factories, laboratories, hospitals, schools, CDC, electronic rooms, clean rooms, industrial institutions, etc.), Steel Cylinders bottled gas and cylinder distribution units, should strengthen the cylinder transport, storage and use of safety management.

A cylinder is a pressure vessel, which means that the design pressure is in the 1-300kgf/cm2, the volume is not 1m3, the compressed gas is packed, and the movable cylinder can be repeated inflatable in the body or high-pressure liquefied gas. It is a kind of pressure vessel which is common in civil, public welfare and industrial and mining industry.

Cylinders are also known as cylinders. Steel Cylinders The cylinder body is made of calm steel, alloy steel or high quality carbon steel.

The main structure includes: bottle body, shield, base, bottle &nbsp, mouth, angle valve and fusible plug, shock ring and filler. is characterized by compressed gas or liquefied gases, part of the contents of flammable, explosive media, can be repeated inflatable, mobile work, therefore, Steel Cylinders if the product quality is not qualified or safe, improper use of explosive accidents, endanger the safety of personnel, equipment and property. The cylinder has carried out the import commodity safety quality permission system, the commodity which does not obtain the import safety quality permit letter is not allowed to import.

Cylinders are high-pressure containers, the bottle to be poured into high-pressure gas, but also to withstand the handling, rolling, and some to withstand shock and other external forces. Therefore, the quality requirements of its strict, high material requirements, it is generally a seamless alloy or carbon steel control into a cylindrical container. Cylinder wall thickness $number cm, capacity 12~55 liters. The bottom is rounded, Steel Cylinders and usually the bottom is fitted with a steel flat base, so that the cylinders can be vertically placed. The top of the cylinder is fitted with an on-off valve (i.e. a cylinder switch valve). Fig. 6-1 is an oxygen cylinder profile. It is a cylinder body 1, the upper end has a bottle mouth 2. The inner wall and the outer wall of the bottle are threaded to install the opening and closing Valves 3 and the bottle cap 4. There is a reinforced ring ring on the outside of the bottle. Steel Cylinders The bottle seat is usually made of square, easy to stabilize, and not to roll when lying on. The cylinders should also be fitted with two shock-proof rings. The cylinder-enabled material must be selected according to the nature of the gas contained in the cylinder. The connecting thread on the valve side Joint (branch pipe) shall be left-handed for the combustible gas, non-combustible gases should be right-handed, which is to prevent the possibility of compressing flammable gases into cylinders filled with air or oxygen, and to prevent accidental connection of flammable gas cylinders to explosive-dangerous devices.

Because the pressure in the cylinder is generally very high, but the use of pressure is often relatively small, the valve alone can not accurately adjust the discharge of the gas. In order to reduce pressure and maintain the voltage regulator, it is necessary to install the pressure reducer, it is necessary to adjust the stress of an important component, must be properly operated and maintained, to ensure the normal use of cylinders. Different working gases have different pressure relief valves. Different pressure relief valves, Steel Cylinders the appearance is painted with different colors to mark, such as for the oxygen for the sky-blue, used for acetylene white, for hydrogen for dark green, for nitrogen for the black, for the propane for the gray and so on. It must be noted that the pressure reducing valve for oxygen can be used on cylinders containing nitrogen or air, and the pressure reducer for nitrogen is only available on oxygen cylinders after sufficient grease removal.

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