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CNG Cylinders Meet International Standards
Oct 16, 2017

CNG cylinders are mainly used in the industrial and long-term fixed installation of compressed natural gas in automobiles. With high pressure, large capacity, light quality, safe and reliable advantages. It is mainly used in taxis, bus, buses, automobiles and so on in the big and middle cities.

CNG cylinder has metal liner, has enough strength and thickness under the prescribed blasting pressure to withstand longitudinal load, under the work pressure of the standard safety factor without leakage, to the circumferential filament winding, reinforced fiber is carbon fiber, CNG Steel Cylinders aromatic polyamide fiber, glass fiber or mixed fiber. CNG composite cylinders are the product of High-tech technology in the 20th century. Well done, CNG composite cylinders are safe, do well, there will be security risks.

CNG cylinders have the characteristics of low temperature toughness, fatigue resistance and small density ratio, which complies fully with the International standard ISO11439:2000 requirement.

。 CNG cylinders are high-pressure vessels used to store compressed natural gas, CNG Steel Cylinders a high-pressure container with inflammable and explosive gases that is an explosive and dangerous pressure vessel. The gas storage pressure of the car gas cylinder is 20MPa. CNG cylinders are divided into four categories

The first type is steel or aluminum alloy metal bottle (CNG-1);

The second type is steel or aluminum lined with a barrel through the "hoop-wound" resin impregnated with long fiber reinforced composite gas cylinders (CNG-2);

The third category is steel or aluminum lined with "whole winding" resin impregnated long fiber reinforced composite gas cylinders (CNG-3);

The fourth category is plastic lining gaga "whole winding" resin impregnated long fiber reinforced composite gas cylinders (CNG-4).

These kinds of cylinders have their advantages and disadvantages, CNG Steel Cylinders can be used according to different models.

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