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CNG Cylinder Is The 20th Century High-tech Products
Jun 19, 2017

A class of cylinders, also known as CNG cylinders, as the name suggests, its material is steel, CNG Steel Cylinders looks like a hospital with oxygen bottles.

In general, 356mm diameter CNG cylinders will use 34CrMo4 material, the thinnest wall thickness of about 8.2mm, with the cylinder to store the principle of compressed natural gas as we brake on the cylinder with the brake, but the pressure will be much higher , At about 200 atmospheres. The cost of a class of CNG cylinders is the lowest, and its weight is the largest, in the picture of this white 140L cylinder, CNG Steel Cylinders a single empty weight of about 130 kilograms.

CNG is the abbreviation for Compressed Natural Gas. Compressed natural gas generally refers to the multi-stage pressure to about 20MPa for the vehicle engine as a fuel use of gaseous natural gas (methane as the main component). CNG cylinders - high pressure vessels for storing compressed natural gas. This high pressure vessel with flammable and explosive gas is a pressure vessel with an explosive hazard. Car battery gas storage pressure of 20MPa. CNG cylinders are divided into four categories

Cylinders are metal lined with sufficient strength and thickness to withstand longitudinal loads under specified burst pressures and are subject to the standard safety factor under working pressure without leakage, with ring-to-fiber entanglement, reinforcing fibers are carbon fibers, aromatic Polyamide fibers, CNG Steel Cylinders glass fibers or blended fibers. CNG cylinder is the 20th century high-tech products. Well done, CNG cylinders are safe, poorly done, there will be security risks.

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