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CNG Cylinder Cleaning Method
Jul 03, 2017

NG cylinder applications in our lives is very common, this is a professional storage equipment, mainly for high pressure oxygen, gas, liquefied petroleum gas and so on. Safe storage and transport of cylinders Cylinders generally contain permanent gas, liquefied gas or mixed gas. What are the specific storage requirements?

CNG cylinder storage requirements:

① should be placed in a special warehouse storage, to comply with the national dangerous goods storage regulations, cylinder warehouse should comply with the relevant provisions of the building design fire safety regulations, must be equipped with professional knowledge of the technical staff, the warehouse and places should be set up management, CNG Steel Cylinders with reliable Personal safety equipment, and set the danger, is strictly prohibited fireworks signs.

② storage warehouse and storage should be a good ventilation, cooling and other facilities, shall not have trench, underground passage and the bottom of the ventilation holes, the warehouse should not be exposed to the fire and other heat source, the warehouse should be ventilated, dry, And prohibit any pipeline through, CNG Steel Cylinders should avoid direct sunlight, to avoid the radioactive ray source. Should ensure that the cylinder bottle dry. Summer should prevent exposure.

③ Cylinders containing a polymerization reaction or decomposition reaction gas must control the maximum temperature in the warehouse according to the nature of the gas, prescribe the shelf life, and avoid the radiation source.

In addition, for CNG cylinders, empty bottles and real bottles should be placed separately, CNG Steel Cylinders and there are obvious signs that toxic gas cylinders and bottles of gas in contact with each other can cause combustion, explosion, poisoning cylinders, should be stored in sub-room, and in Near the installation of anti-virus equipment or fire fighting equipment. Must be isolated from explosives, oxidants, flammable materials, spontaneous combustion items, corrosive items.

Want to learn more about CNG cylinder cleaning method, look at the following bar now

1, the use of aqueous solution (sodium silicate solution) or alkaline solution washing, CNG cylinder should be washed immediately after drying.

2, the use of solvents to remove the pollutants inside the cylinder, CNG Steel Cylinders almost all of the hydrocarbon-based pollutants, can be liquid water or organic solvents rinse off.

3, the use of alkaline solution filled with steam gun, insert the bottom of the CNG cylinder, into the alkaline solution 15 ~ 30min, the solution from the cylinder overflow will be contaminated away. Oil or hydrocarbons contaminated with oil, more than 90% of the pollutants can be treated with organic solvents clean, but can not be washed with carbon tetrachloride, because it is highly toxic solvent. After cleaning, must be dried, plug the bottle.

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