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CNG Cylinder Appearance
Aug 29, 2017

CNG cylinders are a kind of pressure vessel design pressure in the 1-300kgf/cm2&nbsp, the volume is not 1m3, packed with compressed gas, the body or high-pressure liquefied gas can be repeated inflatable mobile cylinders. It is a kind of pressure vessel which is common in civil, CNG Steel Cylinders public welfare and industrial and mining industry. CNG cylinders are also known as cylinders. The main body of the cylinder is made of calm steel, alloy steel or high quality carbon steel.

The main structure of CNG cylinders includes: Bottle body, guard, base, bottle, mouth, CNG Steel Cylinders angle valve and fusible plug, shock ring and filler.

CNG cylinders are characterized by compressed gas or liquefied gases, some of the contents of flammable, explosive media, can be repeated inflatable, mobile work. Therefore, if the product quality is unqualified or safe, the use of improper explosive accident, endanger the safety of personnel, equipment and property. CNG cylinders have implemented the safety and quality of imported goods licensing system, CNG Steel Cylinders not to obtain import safety and quality permits of the goods are not allowed to import.

CNG cylinder is a gas storage equipment which is formed by gas storage cylinders in the urban fuel distribution system. CNG cylinders can store natural gas for use by users. CNG cylinders include gas cylinders, boxes and connection lines, valves, quick-change connectors. CNG Steel Cylinders Gas storage systems such as pressure gauges. The use pressure of gas cylinders is ≤20mpa and the temperature is -40℃~+50℃.

Characteristics of CNG cylinders

Non-standard design, flexible and changeable configuration mode, CNG Steel Cylinders according to the user's use of gas design;

Multi-port design to ensure safe storage and transportation;

The gas storage is flexible and changeable, CNG Steel Cylinders which reduces the cost of user investment;

Light weight, can be transported by a variety of goods vehicles;

Beautiful appearance, a unique rain-proof design;

Especially suitable for CNG field;

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