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Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders Have Long Service Life
Oct 25, 2017

Carbon fiber composite cylinders are made of thin-walled aluminum alloy inner liner and external filament-wound carbon fiber composite. The cylinder bears high pressure, light weight, has the characteristics of the first leak blasting, no splash debris, high safety, in harsh environment and high temperature use, long life, low maintenance. Can assemble self-contained air respirator, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders positive pressure oxygen respirator, used for fire extinguishing, ambulance, emergency escape, at the same time the product is also used in the automotive industry, military industry, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders aviation field and other cutting-edge areas.

Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders The use of aluminum alloy thin-walled liner, the weight of traditional steel cylinders One-third

Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders outermost filament wound high strength glass fiber; creep, impact resistance, abrasion

Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders use of carbon fiber with long service life and top-level use of protective properties

Carbon fiber composite gas cylinders are made of continuous wound curing of each liner using high strength carbon fiber impregnated epoxy resin. It has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, bursting tear-free, clean and hygienic.

Product Features:

The real space age technology, ideal gas storage vessel

Combined with high strength and light weight reinforced material, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders the weight is only 40% of the same volume cylinder

The outermost layer has an S glass fiber cover

Carbon fiber with super long service life and top-level use protection

Gas cylinder burst pressure >90mpa, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders 45MPa water pressure test, fatigue number 3,750 times (30MPa, 12,000) average service life 15, testing cycle three years

Technical index:

Model: FCT6.8-30, FCT3.0-20, FCT2.5-20, FCT1.5-20

Water Volume: 6.8L, 3.0L, 2.5L, 1.5L

Working pressure: 30MPa, 20MPa, 20MPa, 20MPa

Water pressure test: 50MPa, 33MPa, 33MPa, 33MPa

Minimum burst pressure: 102MPa, 68MPa, 68MPa, 68MPa

Overall dimension (mm): φ145.5x535, φ145x310, φ130x310, φ102x305

Weight: 4.0kg, 2.1kg, 1.5kg, 1.1kg

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