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Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders For Aircraft Jet Systems
Jun 05, 2017

Carbon fiber composite cylinders are made of aluminum alloy liner wrapped around the carbon fiber composite material cylinders, with high strength, light weight, with the characteristics of the first burst after blasting, blasting without splash fragments, high security, in harsh environments and high temperature use, Long life, low maintenance. Used in firefighters respiratory system, emergency escape, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders self-help breathing apparatus, automobile industry, military industry, aerospace and other fields.

Carbon fiber composite gas cylinders with a high degree of continuous long carbon fiber full winding, resin curing made of carbon fiber composite gas cylinders high strength, light weight, good security, it has broken before the first pressure of the blasting characteristics, not splash fragments wounding, In harsh environments and high temperature use, long life, low maintenance.


1, the real space era technology, very high material combination;

2, the use of ultra-high strength carbon fiber and thin-walled aluminum liner, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders the weight is only 40% of traditional steel cylinders;

3, the outermost layer wrapped with glass fiber, creep resistance, impact resistance, scratch resistance wear;

4, carbon fiber has a long service life and top use of protection;

5, thin-walled aluminum liner to prevent leakage for winding core membrane and bottle valve interface;

6,45 MPa water pressure detection, the number of fatigue 3750 times, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders the average life of 15 years, the detection period of three years.

In the pressure vessel, the middle and low pressure vessel is mainly composed of plate welding structure, and high pressure vessel is a variety of structures: single-layer structure of the overall forging, forging, thick plate coil, Layer structure with laminates bandaged, spiral bandaged, warm sets, the overall dressing multi-layer; winding structure around the wire, around the plate, flat steel belt angle and the type of groove around the belt type. However, these structures refer to the metal material, the weight of a single pressure vessel according to the size and pressure level, the most important or even up to thousands of tons. And high-pressure cylinders used to manufacture and use the main metal materials that are steel and aluminum, according to the manufacturing method divided into the drawing stretch (E method), pipe closure (M method) and stamping drawing (C method) The With the progress of materials science and manufacturing technology, because the cylinder for the mobile container, in order to reduce the weight of the cylinder, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders while also able to withstand high pressure, there have been in the metal or non-metallic materials, Full - wound fibrous material composite structure of the winding cylinder, that is, composite gas cylinders. The composite gas cylinders are currently used in two major areas of respirators (such as fire breathing systems, mountain climbing, elderly and patient oxygen, aviation and aerospace systems) and automotive compressed natural gas fuel cylinders, and can also be used for certain compressed gases And liquefied gases and mixtures thereof. A brief description of the development of fiber wound composite cylinders and their standards is provided.

2 Fiber-wound composite gas cylinders and their standards

2.1 Development of composite gas cylinders

The development of composite cylinders began in the 1950s and was based on rocket engine composite material chassis technology. The early compound cylinders are impregnated with glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin on the rubber liner, although the weight is lighter than steel, but because of the low glass stress resistance and static fatigue capacity, and gas permeability is large, So a higher safety factor is required.

The 20th century, 60 years began to use metal liner, if the liner is thick enough to allow fiber full winding or ring winding enhanced. Composite cylinders with metal liner permeability is much lower than the rubber liner, but the liner fatigue life is limited, thin-walled liner can be 100 to 1000 cycles of cracking to the leak, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders and thick-walled liner Can be in the 10000 ~ 30000 cycles to produce leakage.

Composite containers and cylinders were first used in defense and aerospace for the 1950s and 1960s. These containers or cylinders were used in military aircraft jet systems, emergency power systems and engine restart applications, and they were also used in aerospace laboratories The pressure source of the oxygen tank and the missile system. Each space shuttle uses a certain number of composite cylinders as the engine room air and propulsion and control system.

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