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Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinder Scratch Resistant Wear
Jun 19, 2017

Carbon fiber composite gas cylinders

First, the overview of carbon fiber composite gas cylinders

Seamless aluminum liner with a high degree of continuous long carbon fiber full winding, resin curing made of carbon fiber composite gas cylinders high strength, light weight, good security, it has broken before the first pressure of the blasting characteristics, , In harsh environments and high temperature use, long life, low maintenance.

Second, the characteristics of carbon fiber composite gas cylinders

1, the real space era technology, very high material combination;

2, the use of ultra-high strength carbon fiber and thin-walled aluminum liner, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders the weight is only 40% of traditional steel cylinders;

3, the outermost layer wrapped with glass fiber, creep resistance, impact resistance, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders scratch resistance wear;

4, carbon fiber has a long service life and top use of protection;

5, thin-walled aluminum liner to prevent leakage for winding core membrane and bottle valve interface;

6,45 MPa water pressure detection, the number of fatigue 3750 times, the average life of 15 years, the detection period of three years.

Carbon fiber composite cylinders, the use of ANSYS software for winding stress analysis design, the use of high-quality carbon fiber, imported epoxy resin, the winding, high temperature curing more than a dozen processes from finishing, than metal cylinders (cylinders, aluminum seamless gas Bottle) with better performance, the cylinder working pressure 30Mpa, thereby increasing the storage capacity, weight than the same volume of metal cylinders to reduce 50%, so that users more easily, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders in the high-rise or deep underground, such as mine To the use of ambulance or serious disaster situations more convenient. Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders Composite cylinders are also poor conductor of electricity, and composite cylinders are neutral in erosion and corrosion, making them safer.

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