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Anti-detonation Performance Of Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders
Sep 08, 2017

Carbon fiber composite cylinders are made of thin-walled aluminum alloy inner liner and external filament-wound carbon fiber composite. The cylinder bears high pressure, light weight, has the characteristics of the first leak blasting, no splash debris, high safety, in harsh environment and high temperature use, long life, low maintenance. Can assemble self-contained air respirator, positive pressure oxygen respirator, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders used for fire extinguishing, ambulance, emergency escape, at the same time the product is also used in the automotive industry, military industry, aviation field and other cutting-edge areas.

0 The use of aluminum alloy thin-walled liner, the weight of traditional steel cylinders One-third

0 outermost filament wound high strength glass fiber; creep, impact resistance, abrasion

0 use of carbon fiber with long service life and top-level use of protective properties

Carbon fiber composite cylinders using aluminum alloy inner liner carbon fiber composite gas cylinders, with high strength, light weight, with the characteristics of the first leak blasting, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders blasting without flying debris, high security, in harsh environment and high-temperature use, long life, low maintenance. It is used in the fields of firefighters ' respiratory system, emergency escape, self-help respirator, automobile industry, military industry, aerospace and so on.

Compared with traditional steel structure pressure vessel, carbon fiber composite gas bottle has its advantages, which can save a lot of steel, reduce the quality of the cylinder and meet the requirement of the strength of the design.

1, light weight, strong bearing capacity

Currently, most commonly used pressure vessels are steel pressure vessels, such as gas cylinders in life. Although the steel structure has its advantages, pressure vessel performance is stable, design and manufacturing technology is more mature, but the mechanical properties have its limitations, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders for some high-pressure containers, if the steel structure to make, then can only rely on increasing wall thickness to improve the performance of carbon fiber composite cylinders, which will inevitably result in increased weight, Reduce economic performance.

And a new type of carbon fiber composite gas cylinders, using a very thin metal or non-metallic as the inner liner, using carbon fiber, glass fiber as a fiber layer winding, because the carbon fiber is higher than the strength, can make the whole gas bottle quality greatly reduced, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders and can improve the load capacity of pressure cylinders.

2. Good blast resistance

For steel pressure vessels, once there are cracks and other dangerous early warning will occur expansion, resulting in equipment explosion and other accidents, which bring great hidden trouble to safety. Carbon fiber material carbon fiber composite cylinder is made up of multi-layer fiber, even if the internal bile appears crack expansion, leakage and other conditions, there is enough time to deal with, because the installation of the outer layer of the automatic security device will be issued an alarm. And the leakage of the inner liner of the outer fiber layer will not have a great impact, so in this case, the fiber layer can continue to work, Carbon Fiber Composite Cylinders thus ensuring the safe operation of the cylinder.

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