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Aluminum Tube Is Popular With Users
Sep 08, 2017

At present, has entered the high-grade development period, the aluminum tube surface treatment technology develops rapidly, from the single bronze material development to have the powder coating, spraying fluorocarbon coating, organic and inorganic dyeing, electrophoresis coating, mechanical and chemical polishing process means, Aluminum Cylinders the new generation of wood grain processing technology, Three-stage electrolytic multicolor coloring and micro-arc oxidation coloring technology also in the trial production, aluminum tube appearance has titanium gold, golden, champagne, imitation stainless steel and a variety of colors, as well as display mirror, sandstone, Matt, pearlescent and other special effects.

In many surface treatment technologies, electrophoretic coating is the most suitable technology for the development direction. After anodizing and electrolytic coloring, the aluminum tube is coated with double layer protection. With high transparency, high metal texture, high corrosion and weathering resistance, than spray painting, Aluminum Cylinders powder spraying more decorative, deeply user favorite, ultra-fine calcium carbonate has been widely entered the home decoration, the potential market is enormous. Second, the process is easy to implement, as long as the original production line to add a few slots and aluminum oxidation coloring formation line production, water-soluble electrophoresis coating safety, can achieve closed-circuit circulation, conducive to environmental protection. Third, Aluminum Cylinders more important is the electrophoresis profile more attractive, is the high-grade, luxurious profile model. The electrophoresis coating line has become an important symbol of the comprehensive technical level of aluminum profile factory. Aluminum can be used to smelt rare metals. Its alloy is lightweight and tough, and it is a structural material for airplanes, rockets and automobiles. Pure aluminum can do ultra-high voltage cable for daily use of aluminum is usually called "Steel Fine" "Grade". The content of aluminum in the Earth's crust is high, second only to silicon and oxygen and third place, aluminum hydroxide can be used to prepare aluminium salts, absorbent, mordant and ion exchange agent, aluminum canister can also be used as porcelain glaze, refractories, fireproof cloth and other raw materials, its gel liquid and thousands of gels in medicine as acid medicine.

Sodium aluminate is often used in printing and dyeing fabrics, Aluminum Cylinders the production of blue dye, the manufacture of hair glass decay, soap, hardened building stones. In addition, it is a good softener, paper filler, water purification agent, rayon, such as the light agent.

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